awesome russian basics.

Master the Russian Alphabet, Writing & Pronunciation

Interactive PDF coursebook for complete beginners with an audio guide and handwriting practice.

With its help, you will master the Russian alphabet and learn how to write your first Russian words, phrases, and simple stories.

Price: $28.00

List of the Russian alphabet with the right pronunciation & print handwriting practice

300+ Russian words and phrases with stress marks and English translation

Russian pronunciation and spelling rules + excercises with keys

Audio guide in each vocabulary lesson

the coursebook includes:

  • English-Russian transliteration rules;

  • English names and their Russian equivalents;

  • 300+ basic Russian words and phrases on various topics: people, things, jobs, food, days of the week, months, colors, countries & cities, numbers, personal and possessive pronouns, questions, daily activities, studying quotes;

  • 7 stories in easy Russian: It’s Moscow!; My Family; My Bag; My Apartment; My Room; My City;
    My Smartphone.

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